Himalayan Edge


Yoga is like a precious gift of God, which help to remember us our traditional culture & methods to keep fit our body & make balance in our mind & soul & We are here to guide you to learn yoga as perfectly with the completely knowledge of both Theoretically & Practically.

Physical fitness can be increased with yoga. Our muscles can be toned and the flexibility of our joints improved, and we may even discover that we have more energy and even stamina. This is because, after we start practicing yoga, we notice that our body starts to gain its strength back. The physical benefits of yoga can give us an emotional benefit that comes with having control over our bodies.

Yoga has many different meanings. Many people associate it with only one meaning. It is widely known to be a practice of meditation, and its main intention is to achieve a state of inner peace. Another common practice associated with yoga is breath awareness, and in this, we will find that yogis try to be more aware of our breathing, which in turn makes our mind more clear and focused.