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The experience was incredible. The trip was amazing, a once in a lifetime opportunity and trip. My family and I spent 4 nights and 5days in Kedarnath and Badrinath (2 Dham) trip, and we had an unparalleled experience.Everything in each city and in between was incredible. The team scheduled activities / events for us where we wanted them to, and left a portion of the trip for us to plan ourselves. Absolutely breathtaking, and the team at Himalayan edge did a superb job.
Nishit Pathak
Dear Sandesh & Family Thanks you for your abundant kindness, friendship and hospitality. You and your beautiful country will be with me forever in my heart and in my soul. I am so grateful for everything which I have seen and experienced in India. You are a wonderful guide and an exceptional human being.
Sharon Shasvin
Dear Sandesh, You have made my first trip to Inida life changing, your beautiful wife taught me how to make my vegetarian dinners at Home.
Loo Heiule
Dear Sandesh, Thanks you for making my fist trip to India fun and informative. I enjoyed the stories very much and I know you are quoting the way they were passed to you which make them even more special. I hope to see you again. Take care of your family and congratulations again on the tittle one. I know this is not much but I hope you spend it wisely. Your knowledge and experience are worth so much more. Thank you again for showing so much kindness. I am forever grateful….
Genefier Adams
Dear Sandesh, Many Thanks for making my Trip so very memorable your Kind Heart, Gentle manner & Knowledge brought a new understanding of India. I love your country and will keep you and India in my Heart forever. Also, Thank your lovely wife for inviting us into your Home. With Fondest regards
Linda Blum
Dear Sandesh, Thank you very much for your generosity during our stay in Hardwar, I enjoyed seeing many of the sights the area has to offer especially The spiritual part of northern India. You are a wonderful person who will go very far with all that you do you have a beautiful family and I loved being a guest in your home, Next time we meet , I will let you win in a foot race Many hugs to you and please visit in Chicago. You and your family will always be welcome in my home. With appreciation
Sandesh, Thanks you very much for a wonderful experience of mother India, You are truly amazing, knowledgeable, kind, funny, understanding, behaviour & learner. You made the trip amazing & enjoyable, nothing was too much trouble for you ! you gave of your time & talents. Thanks you so much I will remember this experience forever, Loved your family.